What makes this site unique?

Contrary to most other fashion blogs, SC has a narrower focus when it comes to its content. The main styles at play here are the more alternative and dark sides of fashion. With content ranging from avant-garde and haute couture, to more extravagant make-up or hairstyles, fetish, or femme fatale styles, SC is meant to be a source of inspiration to those of us who don’t really enjoy the more mainstream and uncreative fashion.

In addition to this, there is a small section for other types of photography, like architectural, landscape, or street, plus an art section. Creative excellence will never be excluded, regardless of style!

Do you always credit the creative team of each shoot?

Yes. It is important to us that all participants are acknowledged. After all, this is a tribute blog to those involved, so naturally we aim to let the whole world know about them.

What’s a ‘Featured Artist’?

It’s a way of featuring a single artists work through their own gallery and ‘about’ page. The Featured Artists are hand picked by SC for their general awesomeness. It can be photographers, stylists, models, artists. Anyone really. It’s meant as a way of promoting an upcoming artist, or bring attention to someone you just shouldn’t miss.

Your site doesn’t seem to follow trends, why?

Because it’s mindless. To dress, act or engage in things just because someone else says it’s ‘in’ is the opposite of what this site is about. “If you like it, you like it”. That’s all there is to it. Regardless of what trends the media tells you to like.

I’m not credited/Want to add credits/Want my shot removed

Send us a message via our ‘contact’ page and we will assist you immediately!

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